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August 18, 2011

Click on the image of Bozhanov, and his special bench, to see the article translated to English by Google's automated Web-Translation tool. Text excerpts from Polskie Radio site: August 18, 2011:

"Actually, I do not remember how I played during the contest... For me, music is like a body, living organism, changing from day to day. Frankly, I do not track and register for what is happening with me and my interpretations. It's like the centipede had controlled it and care about every move, every step, it would have got lost and tangled itself about myself ... The same happens with music that does not give up any control.

Music fills my entire life. My profession is my hobby. Every day is preparation. How does the shower, eats, sleeps, it is all part of the preparation, it all has an effect on the body and eventually the game - says the pianist, known that travels everywhere with his own stool at the piano. - I know that some people consider it weird, but for me it's just very important, because gains in the timbre. This stool is the proper height, one that affects the quality of sound, then it is deeper, more beautiful. For me, the instrument sound, sound is paramount."

Evgeni Bozhanov's Biography from The Fryderyk Chopin Institute's Internet Chopin Information Center.
Narodowy Instytut Fryderyka Chopina

July 2011
A primitive Google web translation (German to English) of a review of a recital in July, which included the Lizst Mephisto Waltz No 1. Google also has an option to read it in the original version. The review is from the Main Post in Germany.

A review: Buergl├źnster / Luxemburger Wort / 25.11.2010
"The pianist plays Chopin Evgeni Bozhanova"
Queen Elizabeth II Competition - a Chopin recital in the Hall of Knights in Bourglinster.
(By Hilda van Heel / photo Guy Jallay)

Here is the
full review
A paragraph from the review:

"...This inspired a true poet of the keyboard, his irresistible impulse, spontaneity expressive, elegant phrasing, a fluidity rare, in contrast to his passionate impulses, make it one of these exceptional pianists whose touch gives nuance to every note, illuminating the music from within.
  It thus reflects the profound character of each piece winged its velocity - he slipped on the keys by drawing lines impalpable, reminded us of the innovations of Chopin piano virtuosos..."